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Racquet restringing and maintenance tips...

Restringing your racquet in a timely manner is important for a few reasons.  That is if you don't break your strings first.  How often you restring your racquet can be measured by hours or weekly times played.  The varying time differences will be factored by the string material.  Realistically you should change your strings after about 40-50 hours of play for most synthetic and natural gut.  This is a typical thought if you play once a week then restring once a year.  

Today many players have switched to co-poly which is usually a monofilament make up.  These in many cases are less elastic and less powerful and lose tension quicker than synthetics.  They are used mostly for their control and durability.  It is generally recommended to switch these out more frequently.  Why?  These co-poly's tend to be a bit less forgiving on the elbow and wrist, so as the tension drops the elasticity on poly's can tend to reduce and that could result in more shock and less comfort.  Also when co-poly's tension drops big time you generally feel more string vibration.  The bottom line is choosing the right string for your needs and restringing accordingly.  

Regripping regularly should be done more frequently then restringing since your hand is in constant contact with the grip to maintain your racquet from twisting.  Either replacing the base grip or over grips (wraps) will help you gain better control if your hand is not slipping.  

There are many options on the market.  Dry or Tacky feel.  Generally dry overgrips are more absorbent for extreme sweaty hands.  The tackier grips help you maintain a good grip and provide some absorption too.  Experiment to see what suits you the best but change out so regularly.  

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